Halloween Costume Ideas for the Lazy Parent


Halloween is an amazing time of year, no doubt about it. There's nothing quite like walking around in gorgeous fall weather, observing all the amazing and creative costumes as you collect candy with your little ones for a few hours in the evening. But for some, Halloween brings upon stress and anxiety, particularly for parents who have children that request very elaborate costumes. I know this feeling, because last year my then-3-year-old requested to be a "pretty owl" for Halloween, and after a month of searching online, at every department store, and every Value Village, I could only find brown or grey owl costumes and those were just "not pretty enough" according to my daughter. *rolls eyes*


So, like any good mom, I decided to make her this pretty costume that she so desired. I went to Dollarama on my lunch break and picked up rolls of brightly coloured felt, ribbon, hot glue sticks, a glue gun and glitter. That night, and for the next 3 nights, I went to work, crafting a set of beautiful multicoloured owl wings and an owl face headband. It was hard work. See those photos above? The wings had silver and hot pink glitter, and featured a pattern of silver, white, purple, pink and blue feathers. All cut out,  glued and sewn by hand. I breathe hard just looking at these photos, remembering how much my hands hurt tracing and cutting each feather out with care, all while 6 months pregnant I might add.


Did she love it? Yes. Did she complain it didn't look like Owlette from PJ Masks? Also yes. But she wore it, and I was happy she liked it. But was it worth the 6 hours of work I put into it? Nope. She wore it for a total of 1.5 hours and promptly ripped it off once trick or treating was over, never to look at it again.


All that being said, I will likely never make a costume for my kids again. (Well, maybe I'll help them make a costume when they're older.) It was sort of expensive and extremely time consuming. So, I share with you my Pinterest suggestions for Lazy Halloween Costumes. These are perfect costumes for the lazy parent (AKA me) or even the lazy kid that are cheeky, and feature no sewing. Have a look at my Pinterest board here and let me know what you think!


Good luck with your costume shopping, and I hope you have a stress free costume experience this year!!


- Stephanie

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