Non-Candy Halloween Treat Ideas!

September 30, 2019


Growing up, I loved Halloween. It's still my favourite holiday, with Christmas coming in at a close second. I grew up in a beautiful middle class neighbourhood where everyone was nice, there was a gorgeous mix of cultures, and we were able to trick or treat sans parents without them freaking out over our whereabouts. 


There were the houses we targeted year after year because they were known for giving away full cans of pop or bags of the brand name potato chips, and then there were the houses we avoided because they gave out apples (kind of cute, now that I think about it) or tooth brushes (there was a dentist who lived a few blocks from me). 


Now that I'm a full grown somewhat functioning adult with 2 kids of my own, I've been thinking of giving out Halloween treats that aren't so "bad for you". For the past 3 years I've taken my eldest trick or treating, and every year we come back with tons of candies and chocolates that we ALL consume (my husband and I admit, we eat as much candy as the kids during Halloween Week. Maybe more. Yea, probably more.) I'm trying to be more conscious of how much sugar we consume as a family, so I've decided that this year, I'll help lessen the sugar problem in my neighbourhood by giving out an alternative "treat". Read below for my suggestions on candy-free treats to hand out this year.


1. Stickers

Stickers are fun at nearly every stage of childhood. They're cute, sticky, and come in endless varieties and styles, that it's impossible for a child to get pissed for receiving stickers for Halloween. Heck, I'd be thrilled to get free stickers, and I'm 35. I found this huge bag of stickers on for only $14. You bet I'm going to be purchasing these!


2. Temporary Tattoos

Similar to the sticker idea, these are totally fun too. My 4 year old is obsessed with temporary tattoos, and it doesn't matter what they look like. One day she'd rock a dinosaur tattoo and another day she'd cover herself in rainbows and flowers. Fun fun fun! Check out this link (also on for bulk tattoos. 


3. Mini Play-Doh

I've seen bulk bags of mini Play-Doh tubs at Walmart and Winners in recent years. These tiny tubs come in a large range of colours and are completely non-toxic, which is perfect for young children. I think I may pick some up this year!


4. Loot bag toys

Loot bag toys are often sold in bulk at your local dollar store. Look for bulk bags of rubber bouncy balls, whistles, funny glasses or mini games! Mini tubes of bubbles are also a great idea. 


5. Pencils and erasers

Since most kids who trick or treat are school aged, pencils and erasers are perfect for giving out on Halloween. You can hit up your local dollar store, or you can purchase in bulk at places like Michaels, Walmart, and of course Amazon. Check out this link for a pack of 200 assorted erasers that are adorable and affordable! Just be mindful not to give very young children tiny erasers that they could swallow.


6. Glow sticks

How perfect are glow sticks for Halloween?! Not only are they fun, they also provide visibility for children running through the streets in the dark. Plus, I don't know of any child that don't love glow sticks! You can find bulk glow sticks at websites like


I hope these ideas got you thinking about mixing up your Halloween treat-giving this year!


- Stephanie


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