Suffering From Lunch Packing Fatigue Already? Read this!

September 22, 2019

It's been 3 weeks since my 4 year old started Junior Kindergarten, and I'm already feeling a bit of "lunch packing fatigue". You know, that feeling when you're stuck packing the same old things without enough variety. Packing lunches is a somewhat difficult task for me, especially since my daughter is the World's Pickiest Eater®. I end up packing very similar foods for her to graze on every single day, just to ensure she eats something while at school. So how do I overcome this "stuck" feeling?


Firstly, I'd like to mention that purchasing bento box style lunch boxes has made packing lunches (and eating lunches!) a lot more interesting and fun for me and my daughter. Something about how each individual section is a new and exciting "snack adventure" has really gotten my daughter excited to eat at her new Big Kid School. Keep in mind, I'm brand new to packing lunches; my daughter has attended daycare since 2016, and they provided nutritious snacks and meals daily. Now, it's all on my husband and I to ensure she gets some sort of nutrition while at school. Purchasing bento boxes such as Yumbox and Omie Boxes have helped us psych up our 4 year old for the entire "bring your lunch to school" experience. So, if you've got a picky eater like mine, try a cool bento style box that you can customize to make the lunch eating experience that much more special. (a Yumbox review is coming soon, stay tuned!)


Secondly, my desperate attempts at making food exciting for my daughter have resulted in us grocery shopping together. Normally, I like to grocery shop sans kids (it's just SO much easier and faster!) but now that my daughter has taken an interest in what's for lunch, I've decided that bringing her along for the shopping experience will encourage her to select which fruits and veggies to eat for lunch tomorrow, and which snacks she's actually eat. Saves me from wasting money on snacks she's uninterested in, right?!


And lastly - my go-to when I'm feeling stuck with lunch ideas (or even dinner ideas for the family) is to browse through Pinterest and Instagram for fresh new recipes and ideas. Lately, I've found myself getting lost in the bento lunchbox rabbit hole on Instagram, and have come across some amazing Instagram accounts with great tips and lunch ideas for your littles. I've linked my favourite accounts below for you to follow for inspiration too! 


If you've got more fave Instagram accounts for lunchbox ideas, tag @luckylittleones on one of their posts so I can give them a follow!


My favourite lunchbox Instagram accounts:


@ I_Eat_The_Scraps







Thanks for reading, and happy lunching!





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